We at Unity are heavily committed to Missions, local, area, regional and worldwide.  We take seriously Christ’s great commission in Matthew 28:18-20 and we see missions as one more way for us to reach out to love our neighbors as we obey Jesus.  We maintain a small food and clothing pantry here for our neighbors in need.  A percentage of every dollar given here goes to local benevolence assisting people in our community with things like utility bills they cannot pay. In addition to these things, each year individuals in the church commit to donate tens of thousands of dollars to the missions we support.  This is above what members give to supporting the local church and it’s mission here in Marion Indiana.  Two of our late members started one of the missions we support at their kitchen table in the early 1970’s and that tradition is alive today in this body.

Here are the missions we currently help support:

International Disaster Emergency Service

Pioneer Bible Translators

Impacto Latino


The Ark Christian Camp

Shepherd’s Purse India orphanage

Pearlington Christian Church

Good News Productions

Master Provisions

North Burma Christian Mission

North Haiti Christian Mission

Team Expansion

Cornerstone Chilean Mission


Caring for China

By Tavi

Larry & Christine Mullholand

Christian Student Foundation at Ball State

French Christian Mission

Go Ministries, Adrienne Stratton