Harvest of Talents


Harvest Of Talents is a ministry that is designed to raise money for world hunger relief.

We challenge people to take their talent, create something, and donate it to our cause. Every year, on the third Saturday in October, we have a big festival where these items are sold or auctioned. All of the funds (100%) raised through this project are used to feed hungry people around the world.

Regardless of what you make for Harvest of Talents, you are making a difference.

Since 2005, Harvest of Talents for World Hunger has raised just over $247,000 with no money going toward our church or administrative costs, only to starving people around the world.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to begin thinking about how you can join the fight to end world hunger. Then on October 19th, 2019 join us as we put all of our talents together in one great effort to raise funds to feed the hungry around the world.

Do you can or bake? We could use your talent to help feed hungry people!


Do you sew or quilt? We can use your talent to feed hungry people!


Do you make jewelry? We can use your talent to feed hungry people!


Do you do woodworking or refinish furniture? We can use your talent to feed hungry people! The same goes for singers, landscapers, papercrafters, cooks, electricians, photographers, and artists and artisans of all kinds.

For other simple ways to get involved and to read about our other events throughout the year, click here.

So far, our efforts have helped feed hungry people in Myanmar, Kenya, Brazil, India, Tanzania, Mozambique, El Salvador, Haiti, and the Phillippines.

In addition to a craft sale and auction, there are other fun events in which to participate.

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To see photos from the 2015 event, click here.

To see what kinds of things are for sale at the event, click here.

For a list of possible projects, click here. (external link)

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