Getting Involved in World Hunger Relief

You’ve probably seen or read some pretty disheartening statistics regarding world hunger. At Unity Christian Church we have decided to do something about it through our Harvest of Talents for World Hunger. Even though this is hosted at the church, this is very much a community event, as it would not be very successful or even possible without help and contributions from the public at large. It takes place the third Saturday in October every year.

If you have a burden in your heart for helping with the Harvest of Talents for World Hunger, there are a few things you can do (in no particular order).

Read about what we’ve done in the past to get motivated for the future. We’re a small church, but with the Lord’s help and support from the community, we’ve been able to raise over $171,000 for world hunger relief since 2005. Every year we are motivated to do more, and do it with excellence.

Pray. Pray that the Lord leads talented people to our event in terms of participating at all levels. Pray for how you can personally help with world hunger relief.

Make something or offer a service. Do you sew? Do you refinish furniture? Do you take photographs? Do you make homemade hand lotion? Do you knit? Do you do website design? Baking? It doesn’t matter what your gifting is, it can be used to alleviate world hunger through Harvest of Talents. Whatever you do, please consider donating one or more to our fall sale event where it will either be sold or auctioned. You will be challenged to do more and better year after year as you see these items being used for such a good cause. To see some of the kinds of items we’ve sold in the past, click here. If you’re interested in making things or doing crafts as a group social activity, we have a craft day scheduled for the third Saturday of every month (other than October) from 12:30-3:30 at the church.

Shop at the sale. Maybe you’re convinced that you can’t make anything or be of service in terms of the items that are for sale at our big event. That’s probably not the case, but if that’s how you feel, at least come out and see what other people have made and consider making it a one stop shop for your Christmas presents. Third Saturday every October. Write it down.

If you own a business, please consider being one of our sponsors or helping us with advertising. We serve food all day and can use food items, paper supplies, plastic ware, etc.

Participate in our other events throughout the year. In addition to the big event that has been discussed, we also have other events that all contribute to the total amount we raise each year. We typically have a cookie/candy sale, a salad competition, a rummage sale, a baked potato dinner, and other events. Keep your ears peeled for announcements about these events. Invite your friends. It’s for a good cause!

Save your cans. We recycle aluminum cans and turn them into cash for hungry people. There’s a drop off barrel inside the church kitchen. If you don’t go to our church, stop by during the week and drop them off anyway. Someone would be glad to let you in for this purpose. Or, send your cans with a church member.

Save your change. The last Sunday of the month, we collect change. We call it “change the world.”

Get the word out. In the past, first timers to the sale said that it was “the best thing in Marion.” Please help get the word out about this wonderful event. We don’t need to keep it a secret any more. If you are a member of a small group or Bible study, please consider having a Harvest of Talents representative come to speak to your group.

We can each do something to help feed the hungry, and together we can accomplish even more! Your contribution could change someone’s life.

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