About Us

Unity Christian Church is a group of people who have come together on a common journey. We come from all types of backgrounds and life history. Unity was born out of a merger of Marion Church of Christ and Valley Community Christian Church. The Marion Church of Christ was started in the early 1960’s and has served the Marion area faithfully. Valley Community Christian Church was formed in 2004 and experienced great growth, but could not find a permanent home where they could worship. Early in 2006 Marion Church of Christ lost their Senior Minister and their Associate Minister. Since both churches were part of the Restoration movement tradition it seemed obvious that a merger should be discussed. In March of 2006 talks began and both congregations started having activities together. Finally on July 2, 2006 we voted and the final vote was overwhelmingly in favor of merging. Our first service as one congregation was July 9th of 2006.

If you were to sit down with each one of us, you might find a janitor, a veterinarian, a homemaker, a dentist, a teacher, a painter, a computer designer, a nurse, or a grandmother. Some of us grew up going to church. For others of us, being in church is a new experience. The one common thread that runs through all of us is our passion to see The Gospel of Jesus Christ spread throughout this area.

Our heartbeat as a church is to encourage all people to pursue a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that the deeper meaning of life is found in a relationship with Him. He is the foundation for having fellowship with God and enjoying a relationship with Him that goes on forever. If you would like to know more about starting a relationship with Christ,  email us below.

Sunday morning is an important part of this journey into the deeper meaning of life. These services are deeply meaningful times when we come together to focus our attention on God through singing, prayer, and studying the Bible. We have an upbeat and contemporary worship celebration and at various times individual soloists provide special music that help lift our hearts toward God.

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