2016 Harvest of Talents Summary

Another harvest year came and went. Unity Christian Church in Marion has now hosted 12 Harvest of Talents events. This year was a very successful year once again. For seven straight years, we have been able to raise over $20,000 per year to feed hungry people through International Disaster Emergency Service. This is a true community effort as many donations come from local businesses and crafters. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them and to summarize our year.

The total for this year was $24,501.80. The running total for 12 years is $247,002.68, nearly a quarter of a million dollars!

Prior to the big day with the auction, we had several other successful events, all of which contributed to the total:

Cookie and Candy Sale: $468
Christmas for Christ: $488.23
Pie Day: $407.97
Salad toss: $377.95
Basket sale: $550.81
King’s Academy change collection: $108.49
Rummage sale: $1806.30
Hot potato and concert: $577
We also had the pop machine, change the world (change collection), aluminum can recycling, and a snack machine at the jail.
This year’s event was successful thanks to many local donations:

Countless members of the church and the community came to help set up, run sound, prepare and cook food, donate items, and shop, etc.

Thanks to everyone for another successful year. And, most of all, thanks to God for giving us the strength and keeping the vision going.